Smoked vendaces, fresh salad and rye 10.90 € / 16.90€

Smoked vendaces with salad mix, citrus vinegar, dill mayomnaise, boiled egg, pickled fresh cucumbers, radish, rye chips
(dairy free)

Crispy Chicken and Fresh salad 10.90€ / 16.90€

Crispy chicken fillet with salad mix, citrus vinegar, aioli, marinated vegetables; zucchinis, sweet peppers, onion and cherry tomatoes
(dairy free)

Cream, Potato and Salmon 12.90€ / 16,90€

Creamy salmon soup with rye chips
(lactose free)

Smoked salmon, bread and eggs 17.00€

Rye bread and cold smoked salmon with salad, pickles, tomato and boiled egg, dill mayonnaise


Whitefish and vegetables 24,90 €

Fried whitefish with dill and wine sauce and carrots, parsnips, zucchinis, potato and fennel-apple salad
(lactose free | gluten free)

Marble fillet and parmesan potatoes 32,90€

Marble beef fillet with Parmesan potatoes cubes, grilled hearts of palm salad, tomato, onion and dark cider sauce
(dairy free | gluten free)

Mushroom risotto 18,90€

Arborio risotto with finnish funnle chanterelles, green onion and parmesan
(lactose free | gluten free)

Beef burger and parmesan potatoes 19.50€

Beef patty, cheddar, red onion and bacon compote, aioli, tomato, arugula, chimichurri and brioche bun
(lactose free)

Veggieburger and parmesan potatoes  18.20€

Veggie patty, veggie cheddar, red onion compote, aioli, tomato, arugula, chimichurri and briosche bun
(lactose free)


Chicken tortilla and wedges  9.50€

Crispy chicken fillet, tortilla, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, ketchup
(dairy free)

Mini sausages and wedges 8,50€
Fried sausages, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, ketchup
(dairy free)


Chocolate and malt cake, blueberry and strawberry  9,80€

Hospitz' chocolate and malt flavoured sponge cake with blueberry artisan ice cream, strawberry gel, roasted white chocolate
(low lactose)

Rhubarb and vanilla  8,90€

Roasted rhubarb with vanilla artisan ice cream
(low lactose)